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Building Plasma against Qt6

How platform integration in Qt/KDE apps works

A month as KDE Software Platform Engineer

Generating Dependency Data for kdesrc-build

KDE Eco Sprint 2022

Task Manager Improvements in Plasma 5.24

The importance of window to desktop file mapping

Fixing Wayland taskbar icons

FOSDEM & Plasma Mobile Sprint

KDE Frameworks 6 sprint

KDE Connect and Android

Creating a Plasma Mobile App 1 - Basic Controls

Google Summer of Code with KDE Connect

Creating a Plasma Mobile application

KDE Connect - New stuff 0x3

KDE Connect on IRC and

KDE Connect - New Stuff II

The Purpose of things

KDE Connect on Plasma Mobile

KDE Connect Junior Jobs

Volume Control in KDE Connect

KDE Connect - Tips, Tricks and Misconceptions

Building KDE Connect

KDE Connect - New stuff I

KDE Connect Sprint

KDE Connect - State of the union

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