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KDE Connect - New stuff I

As I said a couple of days ago we got a lot to announce for KDE Connect. This is the first of many posts where I show you what we were up to. It may not be as exciting as you hoped for because the really big features are not-quite-ready, so hang on :) First we squashed some bugs, including a pretty nasty crash in the NotificationsPlugin. In my first post about KDE Connect I told you about the album cover art on Android. Thanks to Matthijs it now also works when the cover art is a local file, for example when you are using VLC. It already worked when the cover art was a remote URL, for example with Spotify. The cover art is now also shown in the media control notification and added to the Android media session. When you send an image to you phone the notification now contains a preview of the image. The notification now also has a share button which allows you to quickly do something with the just received file. Screenshot_20180329-232350 If you use Nautilus as a file manager you will be pleased to hear that KDE Connect now includes a Nautilus extension that allows you to quickly share files across your devices. As I mentioned before, the exciting features are yet to come. Now is a perfect time to join our development team! The codebase is stable and allows you to quickly implement new features. If you got a basic understanding of programming you can quickly get a grasp on the technologies we are using (Java/Android and C++/Qt). If you are interested please join our Telegram group. Please note that this is a development group and not a general support group. Stay tuned!

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